our mission

To share with our guest an authentic experience, both culturally and historically, based on the use of the Wa'a (canoe) and its roots in Polynesian culture. 

To become immersed in the waterman culture that is Hawai'i as we explore the waters of Kailua Bay.

To experience the abundant Hawaiian sea life that is our bay- from the fish, Honu (sea turtle), 'Iwa (Hawaiian Frigate bird) and `Ilio holo i ka uaua. (Hawaiian monk seals). 

To partner with non-profits and after-school programs offering our resources and time to mentor and educate the keiki on the ocean and as our future caretakers of the Island. 


our values 



Mālama i kou kuleana

Take care of your responsibilities.

Taking care of Kuleana (responsibility) at the individual, familial, community, world level. Mālama ‘Āina, actively taking care of the land that provides for and sustain us.





Kōkua aku, kōkua mai, pēlā ihola ka nohona ʻohana

Give help, receive help, that is the way of family.

We are interconnected in family through our physical relationships, friendships and through our community relationships. It is our Kuleana (responsibility) to actively seek out ways to help one another.



Aloha kekahi i kekahi

Love one another.

“The Aloha spirit is real simple. You give and you give and you give…and you give from here (the heart), until you have nothing else to give.” -Aunty Rell Sunn