Moku Nui in the forefront and Moku Iki in aft

Moku Nui in the forefront and Moku Iki in aft

 Na Mokulua, the Twin Islands

Na Mokulua, meaning in Hawaiian “The Twin Islands,” are located off of Lanikai Beach in Kailua on the island of Oahu. The Twin Islands are Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuaries protected by the state of Hawaii. Indigenous seabirds such as ‘Iwa (Great Frigate) and ‘Ua‘u kani (Wedge-tail Shearwater) make their home on these beautiful islands. Although the smaller island, Moku Iki, is closed to the public, the North island, Moku Nui, gives you a unique opportunity to experience Hawaiian wildlife in its natural habitat.

The shoreline of the island is alive with an abundance of natural treasures. The beach of Moku Nui is often a resting place for the rarely seen Hawaiian Monk Seals. These protected animals are a truly magnificent special view in person! You may discover along your walk on the beach some of the local sea life such as 'A'ama crabs or ‘Opihi (Hawaiian Limpet). While along the shoreline and snorkeling, keep your eye out to be sure to spot a Honu (Green Sea Turtle) in the distance.

The stunning waters surrounding the island in itself is worth the voyage. Home to more of Hawaii’s natural wildlife, while on Moku Nui you can swim and snorkel in the crystal blue waters among colorful tropical fish while getting up close to the island’s natural underwater lava formations and coral reefs.

The adventure on Moku Nui doesn’t stop at its shoreline. Explore more of Moku Nui by exploring the island’s natural hiking trails along the edge. The panoramic view of the sea and of Kailua is worth the destination. Along the route be sure to stop and jump into the island’s natural saltwater pool - The Queen’s Bath; a distinct experience like no other. The 6-foot-deep, natural water hole is a place to relax and soak in the breathtaking views only Moku Nui has to offer.

Kailua’s twin islands, truly an experience you won’t forget!