• Dry bags (we cannot guarantee your items won't get wet!)

  • Snorkeling gear (at no additional cost)

  • Water and a light snack

  • The highlight of your Hawaii trip!


Not sure what you need for the ride? Here's a list what you should bring. Remember to pack light as space is limited on the canoes. 

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunblock

  • Other sun protection

  • Swimwear

  • Sandals/Slippers (Much needed for Queen's Bath Hike)

  • Small backpack

  • Our map!



What to wear? YOU WILL GET WET! Prepare for it. 

Is there a destination? Yes, we are going to Na Mokulua (Twin Islands) an offshore-island off the coast of Kailua, set up as a wildlife sanctuary where different native species to Hawai'i are found as well as the Queen's Bath, a historically Hawaiian landmark. 

Want to go snorkeling? We got you covered. Don't worry about bringing your own gear, though you're more than welcome to do so. 

Who can ride? Anyone who's 3 years old and over can ride! Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Non-Swimmer? No worries, we got you covered. With a company owned and operated by former and current first-responders you'll be in safe hands. Life jackets will be provided.

How long is the tour? How long am I in the canoe for? Our tours run for 3 hours with plenty to do. On average we are looking at 30 minutes to the Mokuluas and 30 minutes on the voyage back. Giving guests around an hour-and-half to explore the island and it's wildlife and offerings. 

Is this a kayak tour? No, we are a Hawaiian canoe tour. We feature guided Hawaiian Outrigger (Paddling) and Hawaiian Sailing Canoes. Offering cultural and local perspectives of Kailua. Tours are geared toward family and groups in private and semi-private settings. 


Do you want a more physical adventure? The paddling tour is the way for you, though experience isn't needed physical exertion is as we work as a team to paddle the canoe to the Mokuluas. (Tour: Na Mokulua Hoe Wa'a) 

Do you want to enjoy the views and mo'olelo (stories) of Kailua and Hawai'i while relaxing? The sailing canoe offers this unique perspective as your guides sail you and your guests, Hawaiian Style, on your voyage to the Mokuluas. (Tour: Huaka'i Na Mokulua)