Our mission is to PROTECT Hawai'i and EDUCATE our guests

As Keiki O ka ‘Āina (children of the land) we have the Kuleana (responsibilty) to Malama ‘Āina— caring for and nurturing the land so it can give back all we need to sustain life for ourselves and our future generations. In Hawai’i we are blessed to be surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery, from our lush green forests to pristine Ocean waters. Our Kuleana (responsibility), is to protect and preserve so that future generations, guests and residents, may enjoy Hawai’i.

Kailua Ocean Adventures (KOA) is committed to taking a stand and preserving our bay, as well as the rest of Hawai’i, while teaching first hand to our guests the importance of recycling and conserving our resources. Our tours offer much more than just a paddling experience in Kailua Bay. We aim to educate our guests about plastics effects on the Ocean’s eco-system, the State of Hawai’i's work on preserving Native plants and species, and what an individual can do to preserve the ‘Āina (land).

As a company, we strive to lead by example and encourage others to do so through our tours and mentorship programs. Together, we will work with existing organizations to perform much needed beach cleanups throughout Hawai'i and mentoring of our Keiki (children) to continue in this path. KOA will offer our resources for volunteers to work to Malama 'Āina (care for the land). That is our promise and our Kuleana (responsibility) as Keiki O Ka 'Āina (children of the land).


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