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7am, 11am, 3pm

$149 + tax
Children (Ages 3-12): 
$85 + tax

 Huaka'i Nā Mokulua 

3 Hour Semi-Private Sailing Canoe Tour to Na Mokulua (Twin Islands)

Take an adventure on a 3-hour guided tour in a Hawaiian Sailing Canoe! The journey on our wa’a (Hawaiian canoe) is an experience in its self. Sail the beautiful waters of Kailua with local watermen while learning about the history and cultural significance of it to our Hawaiian and Polynesian Cultures. Join us for Hawaii’s most traditional ocean experience unlike any other in the world!

Our unique tour offers a relaxing sea voyage to the Twin Islands. Sit back and soak in the breath-taking view as we journey together to the islands. Upon landing on the larger of the two islands, Moku Nui, you will be given the opportunity to explore the ecosystem as we swim through the glistening, clear coral reefs of Kailua. At KOA, we provided snorkeling equipment to our guests at no extra charge. We want you to see the stunning, colorful tropical fish and the many honu (sea turtle) sharing the Hawaiian waters with us.

After exploring the island’s shoreline, hike to the backside of the island with us as we go for a refreshing swim in the stunning Queen’s Bath. This natural salt water pool carved into the side of the island offers a truly spectacular view that words cannot describe!

Wa'a he'e Nalu

2 Hour Hawaiian Canoe Surf and Island Adventure

Embark on a 2 hour guided tour close off beautiful Kailua Beach on a Wa’a (Hawaiian canoe) to explore Popoi’a Island, an offshore Island with a rich history to our fishing community in the Hawaiian Kingdom days. Experience the thrill of the Hawaiian roller coaster, canoe surfing the waves right off the island or take a swim through the reefs exploring the native fish that inhabit the coastline.

Learn about the wa'a (canoe), history, and cultural of the people of Hawaii, as well as the proper Hawaiian paddling technique. Discover the rich history of Kailua as we tell the mo'olelo (stories) of Kailua and the Ko'olaupoko district, from the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands to the Hawaiian Kingdom Days to post World War II Hawaii. You will experience first hand the history and life of Kailua!

Relax and explore Popoi'a Island while learning about the ecosystems that inhabits it from Native Plants and Native bird species such as the Ua'u Kani. Enjoy the perfect, picturesque views of the windward side such as the Ko'olau range and Ulupa'u crater or jump in the water and snorkel with some native fish and Honu (sea turtles)!


$95 + tax
Children (Ages 3-12): 
$75 + tax

7am, 11am, 3pm

Adult: $135 + tax
Children (Ages 3-12): 
$85 + tax

NĀ Mokulua Hoe Wa’a

3 Hour Paddling Tour to Na Mokulua

Looking for an action filled Hawaiian Adventure? Join us for a 3-hour guided tour in a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe! Paddle your way through Kailua Bay with ease as our local watermen guide you safely through crystal blue waters to our destination: the Mokulua Islands.

Our paddling expedition begins as we disembark beautiful Kailua Beach. As our outrigger canoe makes way through the glistening waters of Kailua Bay, our guides direct you as you get to partake in a true Hawaiian hands-on experience; a paddle venture like no other. Experiencing up-close the surrounding openness of the Hawaii waters along the way is truly amazing!

Join us as we venture along the island’s natural terrain to the other side. There you will discover a true natural treasure; the Queen’s Bath. Naturally carved into the island’s east side, the 6-ft deep natural tide pool is an amazing find! The Queen’s Bath is truly one of Oahu’s hidden gems. As we prepare to disembark Moku Nui, join us on the beach one last time and relax with some local Hawaiian treats and refreshments that our watermen have prepared for you.

*Substitution of the Outrigger Canoe for the Sailing Canoe may be done in the case that a minimum allotted number of guests is not met. 

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Reimagine your dream wedding.

Create a magical wedding on the Hawaiian waters to start your adventure with your partner. We'll capture your special moments while you take in the breathtaking views of Kailua with your friends and family.

The Ride.

We’ll guide you through the waters of Kailua with the historical background of the ko’olaupoko, the enchanting features of popoi’a and Na Mokulua at your side makes for a surreal intimate experience with your loved ones.

We’ll depart from Kailua Beach Park in a customized setup of your choosing. We will paddle with ease to the waters of Lanikai or voyage on our Hawaiian sailing canoe.


To find out about more information on booking and rates, please email aloha@koacanoes.com.


Safety warning

The tours are physically demanding with the paddle and entering and exiting of the Wa’a (Canoe) in the water. Physical fitness is needed to perform these tasks. Women who are pregnant and those with preexisting medical conditions that hinder ability to perform the tasks required are not advised.

Our steersmen may cancel the tour if they feel certain conditions of the guests will impeded the safety of others and themselves. For further questions on if you fall under any of these restrictions, please contact KOA staff before booking. Children below the age of 3 are not allowed. Life jackets are mandatory of all guests. 

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